Longue Vie Mains (75ml) — Rejuvenating hand care cream to protect the skin against environmental irritants. Keeps hands looking youthful and helps brown spots disappear.

Baume Nutri Science (50ml) — Gentle and soothing nourishing body balm that’s perfect for daily use. It softens and soothes skin instantly, nourishing and protecting your skin all day long.

Gommage Facile (50ml) — An effective exfoliating treatment with loofa fibres, in less than 2 minutes in the shower or bath, it leaves skin as soft as silk, removing rough patches and dead cells.

Douche Soin Hydrazone (50ml) — A cleansing and moisturising body shower cream to gently cleanse, moisturise and nourish your skin, to leave it feeling like velvet after showering.